Complete Blood Analysis

Complete Blood Analysis at home!

At The Pets Mobile Vet, serving the Greater Portland area, our veterinarian has the ability to take a complete blood analysis on your pet. By taking a small  sample of blood, we can learn alot about your dog or cats internal health. 

Rely On Our Veterinarian!

A cbc gives information on an animals red and white blood cells.  Detecting anemia or infection.

A biochemical profile provides information on the liver, kidneys, proteins, sugars and electrolytes.

A thryroid level can indicate hypo(low), or hyperthroidism. Both are readily treatable, and the medication will be dispensed before the veterinarian leaves your house.

Blood work in animals may be ordered for various reasons including:

    • First vet appointments 
    • Pre-surgery
    • Before starting new medicine, or to monitor medication effects
    • Senior wellness exams
    • When your dog or cat doesn’t seem right
    • If the doctor has concerns

Understanding blood tests is second nature for our veterinarian, but we take time to explain to you what each result means. Results done in real time, so abnormal levels are thoroughly discussed, and treatment initiated.  We leave you a copy along with a bloodwork key explaining the tests. If your dog or cat is in need of blood work, please give us a call today!


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