Complete Blood Analysis

Complete Blood Analysis in the 
Portland, Scarborough, & Freeport, ME Areas

At Pets Mobile Vet, serving the Portland,  Scarborough,  Lewiston, Falmouth, Gray, and Freeport areas, our veterinarian has the ability to take a complete blood analysis on your pet. By taking this sample of blood, we can learn more about your dog’s health. The blood work will identify the level of white and red blood cells, as well as platelets, in the blood. By receiving the blood, the shape and condition of the cells will be analyzed to determine the health of the dog and learn more about your dog’s immune system. 

Rely On Our Veterinarian!

During the blood analysis, our veterinarian will also check for proteins, cholesterol, electrolytes and more. 

Blood work in dog’s may be ordered for various reasons including:

    • First vet appointments as a puppy
    • Pre-surgery
    • Before starting new medicine
    • Senior wellness exams
    • When your dog doesn’t seem right
    • And more

Understand blood tests is second nature for our veterinarian, but we make sure to explain to you what each result means. If your dog is in need of blood work, please give us a call today! 


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