Some surgeries can be performed with sedation and local blocks, for minor lump removals or laceration repairs.

Most surgeries require complete immobilization and high pain control.  These are performed under general anesthesia, with the patient unconscious. ( see sedation/anesthesia).  The stress level for the patient is dramatically decreased by the quiet environment in my mobile clinic. This leads to much smoother preop procedures, and anesthesia induction. 

My separate surgery suite allows me to perform sterile surgeries. The patients receive warmed Iv fluids, and are on a water flow heating pad. These procedures have included spays, neuters, lump removals, eye removals, bladder stone extractions,  ceasarian sections, eyelid correction surgery, laceration repairs, dental cleanings and extractions... the list goes on.

All surgeries are assisted by a qualified technician, familiar with anesthesia monitoring  and aseptic technique. Cardiovascular parameters and anesthetic debt are continually being accessed by eye and with monitors. I hear every breath they take.

My patients are up and mobile within 1 hour after the surgery is complete.  Proper pain management is on board, so they rest easy.  Back in your home, under your watchful care. 

I am a skilled surgeon, and have excellent outcomes.  I have had very few post-op complications in the last 15 years, and plan on maintaining that record. I am always available for follow up care, or questions. 

  Never drop off your animal off again for a day of fear for you, and fear confusion for them.  

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