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Located on the southern coast of Maine lies the town of Scarborough. This town is home to several sandy beaches and nature trails. Many dog owners enjoy take their furry friends out to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Although some beaches and trails in the area do not allow dogs, there are some that do.

When you are taking your dog on a walk along the water, be cautious of water parasites and diseases. Some organisms living in the water could pose health risks for your dogs. A common disease includes Leptospirosis, a waterborne disease. Dogs that swim in standing bodies of water, rivers, lakes, or streams are susceptible to the disease. They can also get infected when a cut comes into contact with contaminated urine or water.

Unbeatable Mobile Veterinarian Services 

If you think that your pet has been infected in the Scarborough, ME area, rely on the team at Pets Mobile Vet. As a mobile veterinarian, we offer a full range of veterinarian services right at your home so getting the care your pet needs is never far away. From exams to blood tests, shots and more, we offer the services you are looking for to keep your pet healthy in the Scarborough, area. Keep up with yearly shots and help your pet stay healthy by getting the Leptospirosis shot. Contact our veterinarian today for more information or to schedule services! 


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