Pet Wellness Exam ( Physical Exam )

Pet Wellness Exams From A Mobile Veterinarian

Pets have become a part of everyday life for many people. Animals offer companionship, reduce stress and anxiety, and may even help around the house, for example, cats keeping mice away. As with all living things, it is important to keep pets healthy to have them around for as long as possible. Between work and other duties, it can be a bit of a chore to get your animal to the veterinarian. When pets are doing well, it can be tempting to skip vet care. Not monitoring the health status of your dog or cat can lead to discrete issues, becoming expensive maladies.


Regular Vet Care Basics

It can seem that a healthy dog going to the veterinarian may be a waste of time, but regular visits to the vet can be the best preventative care to keep the pet in good health. A typical animal medical exam from our mobile veterinarian covers:

  • Weigh-in – This checks to see if your pet is within the goal weight. If not, appropriate action can be taken to keep it at a healthy weight.
  • Eyes/Ears – This can determine if any cataracts or ear mites may be appearing in your animal.
  • Nose/Mouth – Checking for rotting teeth or nasal discharge can help deter issues such as dental care or other ENT diseases that can become expensive problems if left alone.
  • Heart/Lungs – Ensuring that there are no irregularities to the breathing or heartbeat can help prevent respiratory infections or cardiovascular complications.

Costs of Skipping Exams

Though a pet may be easy to determine as in their ideal weight by their general physical appearance, this isn’t all there is to an animal’s health. Many pets that aren’t overly active, by nature, will not necessarily show shortness of breath until breathing is near impossible. Cats, for example, have a high pain tolerance and won’t show pain unless it’s too much to hide. A lethargic dog may have symptoms of something much more serious. Treating an issue before it gets severe can save your pet the pain and ache as well as your money in the long-term.

Mobile Veterinary Services for Cumberland, ME, and Surrounding Areas

The Pets Mobile Vet can take the pressure of going to the vet off of your plate by bringing quality vet services to you! We offer preventative services as well as vaccines, tags, and Lyme disease testing.

We offer our services to the Cumberland, ME, and surrounding area. Call our mobile veterinarian today at 207-408-0554 for more information or to schedule an exam. We can also be reached via email at [email protected].


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