Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

It can be frightening to take your dog or cat in for a diagnostic to check on his health and condition.  The good news is that veterinary medicine can give you a lot of information, and potentially a lot of relief, with just a simple blood sample. The Pets Mobile Vet provides mobile veterinary services in Cumberland, ME. We are familiar with pet diagnostics and pet bloodwork, and can make sure your pet is treated safely and humanely.


Pet Blood Work

Typically, a pet blood sample will be analyzed first for a CBC, or complete blood count.  Much like a human blood test will reveal the quantity of red and white cells, so too does a complete blood count provide vital data about blood chemistry and health, providing key information on a pet's immune system as well as its circulatory system.  This blood test also tests for diagnostic criteria like glucose levels, digestive enzymes, cholesterol count, and proteins.  Since our mobile veterinarian services are familiar with aspects of pet health, we can tell you whenever a particular nutrient or certain chemical levels are too high or too low.

When Is a Blood Sample Needed for Diagnostic Work?  

There may be several scenarios where it is recommended.  A puppy's first vet checkup is a key time to get bloodwork done, given that it establishes a medical record for the rest of his life.  An annual visit may necessitate blood work whenever other aspects of a pet's health, like weight or behavior, seem to be out of line.  Prior to a surgical operation, data collected from a pet's bloodwork will provide key information about whether or not the pet requires a specific treatment, or whether or not he is physically fit enough to undergo surgery at all.  Finally, if pets are put on any type of medication, they may benefit from blood diagnostics to make certain there will be no complications.

Other Diagnostic Options

A diagnostic may also be more than just drawing and analyzing blood.  The Pets Mobile Vet can use x-rays and ultrasounds to monitor your pet's anatomy, check if any bones are broken, or if any organs are not functioning properly.  Further tests on pet urine or stool can also provide information and diagnoses of conditions ranging from the ordinary to the serious.

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If you have concerns about your pet's health, here at The Pets Mobile Vet in Cumberland, we can give you a consolation and provide more detail about our services.  Call us today to schedule an appointment for your fluffy best friend.


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