Microchipping Benefits Pet Owners Should Take Advantage Of

. Microchipping works, and its value has been proven again and again as “lost” pets are re-connected with their owners, even after weeks or months of separation. In some cases, pets have traveled miles away from their homes, but the microchip has allowed them to be returned safely versus ending up being adopted out to someone else or worse, being euthanized due to space issues and no long-term care possible. The technology is so successful, microchipping is now a regular service offered by most veterinarian offices as part of pet preventative care.

The Technical Side

The microchip is a bio-safe RFID device that is implanted between the shoulders of the pet. It causes no irritation, swelling or damage. The chip sits latent with coded data embedded into it. When an RFID scanner is hovered over the chip externally from the pet, it will pick up the coding off the chip. 
An animal control agent or veterinarian then enters the code into the microchip shared database, and the owner’s information is provided. The key to making the technology work, aside from implanting the chip, is to make sure the owner’s contact information is provided in the first place and then is kept current and up to date. 

Emergencies and Upheaval Are Primary Reasons

Just about every regional area in the U.S., including Cumberland, ME, at some point or another has dealt with a major emergency or disaster that causes significant confusion and disarray to the area. When these events happen, pets are often separated from their owners and left to fend for themselves for days or weeks.

When recovered, they are oftentimes rounded up and put in kennels for their safety until claimed. But if no one knows where the pet is, the pet may go unclaimed and eventually adopted out or euthanized. Microchipping has been a key tool used to reunite pets after a disaster hits, many times because the cell phone number is still reachable.

Microchipping Helps Prevent Pet Theft as Well

Microchipping can also be a valuable proof of ownership and evidence of a pet that may have been stolen. Many times it is hard to assert ownership of a pet when all external ID has been removed. However, a microchip is a much harder matter to fake, and owners have been able to prove their rights with the given data in the chip once the pet is scanned. 

Call Pets Mobile Vet PLLC Today!

If you want your cat or dog microchipped, our mobile vet team can help. We regularly handle microchipping at the Pets Mobile Vet PLLC and can get your contact information updated at the same time we apply the chip-implant procedure with our mobile vet clinic.
Your pet will be protected should you get separated from it, and you will be contacted first before anything happens with the pet when recovered by a veterinarian. It is a great peace of mind to have for a minimal cost and service.


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